Product Strategy and Architecture

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pivotic-business-strategyA well planned product strategy lies at the heart of subsequent succsessful product management, and the product architecture and the roadmap is the realization of that strategy.  In order to succeed, a business focusing on services or products must develop unique selling points, capitalize on their strengths, mititgate their weaknesses, be strategically positioned to seize opportunities and be ready to react to threats.

The product architecture is the enabling factor makes the product strategy feasible for execution. Products that suffer from a product architecture that is either not agile enough to sustain change, or where the product architecture is misaligned with the product strategy, the overall business model, the underlying IT architecture, the operational processes for selling and marketing the product, or similar, will find it very hard to succeed.

Businesses often find themselves in a situation where this misalignment is felt strongly and reflected in the financial perspective, but where the actual root-cause problems and blockers are very hard to spot because they are often found on a very deep technical level within the product architecture. In order to handle this situation, it is necessary to get to grips with the product architecture and identify opportunities for change.