About Pivotic

We are on a mission.

StrukturThe field of Enterprise Architecture encompasses many disciplines, and the practice is still very immature. We are a company of highly experienced "battle hardened" Enterprise Architects who recognize both the challenges and the values related to the Enterprise Architecture discipline, and we have seen through experience how both companies and projects can succeed dramatically by using it correctly - or fail spectacularly by "getting off on a wrong foot".

It is possible to spend an enormous amount of resources on Enterprise Architecture, without getting any real value from the work. It is also possible to spend a carefully calculated amount of resources on Enterprise Architecture, and get dramatic benefits that outweigh any other initiative a company may instigate. We are singularly focused on tangible business benefits, and we achieve this for our clients by employing our experience, passion, and thought-leadership within architecture.

We are feverently passionate about our work, and we continually measure ourselves by our ability to make our client succeed.

We seldom fail.