Christian Wig

12 April 2012

ChristianWigChristian has been working in the consultancy business since 1984, focusing on improving business results by coupling business development and technology. His specializes in strategy, business developement, program management, and enterprise architecture. He has extensive and unique experience from the telecom, media and IT industries, but has also been working within the health industry, finance, the energy sector, retail, and education.

Christian has executed a large number of strategy processes, he has managed a number of large change- and integration programs, and he has succsessfully executed complex turn-around operations of large IT companies. He is also an much-used advisor for investment and private equity companies, for both specific investments as well as advisory of marked- and technology trends within telecom and IT. Christian has had the QA role for a number of very large programs and projects.

Christian holds a Master of Science in Computer Engineering from NTH/NTNU, and is a former operative naval officer graduated from the Norwegian Naval Academy.